Growing Toast

After a rough week of working way too many hours, fighting off a cold, an ER visit for the baby, and a congested toddler who won’t sleep, I needed a good laugh.

This morning, M was eating a piece of multi-grain toast with seeds on it. One of the seeds fell off and she cupped it gently in her hands, ran over to me and said,  “Mommy! If we put this in the ground, put dirt on it, and water it, we can grow another toast!”

It still makes me laugh hours later. :)



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Hello, 2016

Do you make resolutions? I usually don’t. I’m all about writing ridiculous helpful t0-do lists, but I never seem to stick to resolutions. I know I need to lose weight. I know I need to save more money. I already know I need to get better organized. Making a resolution to do these things isn’t going to help motivate me to get them accomplished (and really, I’m not sure what will sometimes).

Some people pick one word to represent the upcoming year. I never really got in to that either. I mean, how do you pick just one?

So, the hell with resolutions. This year I’m hoping to keep my head above water and not feel so overwhelmed. If I have to make a monster to-do list to help, or if I need to drink more wine to cope, so be it. :)

With a new baby and a new job starting next week, I’ve got enough to worry about without feeling guilty for breaking my new year’s resolutions within the first weekend.

So, hello, 2016. Let’s do this.

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First Christmas, Second Child Syndrome

When we brought M home from the hospital, we probably already had 100 pictures on our camera/phones (each). We took a ridiculous amount of photos of her doing absolutely nothing except looking at us from her bassinet, or her swing, or her bouncy chair. We have hundreds of photos of us holding her, feeding her, bathing her. I don’t know if we were just so excited to finally be parents or if we were trying to prove something (“hey, look! we can do this!”) but we were total shutterbugs. M’s first Christmas was a huge deal with photos of her opening her first present, getting her first ornament, and posing with us in front of the tree.

Wow, how things change. I still take photos of H, but nowhere near the same quantity I did with M (which isn’t all bad, actually). I need to get organized so I’ve been going through digital files and purging or uploading. I realized I hardly have any photos of me holding H, or either of us feeding her or bathing her. And Christmas? Forget it. One or two quick pictures of her and her sister together. Maybe a few of her in her holiday jammies. Not a single picture of us in front of the tree together. None of her “opening” gifts. No first Christmas ornament.

I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had time to scrapbook in years, or because we’re constantly rushing around now trying to get everyone out of the house, or maybe because we are just too focused on the daily routine, but I’m hugely lacking in the photo department these days. Poor H isn’t getting the same fanfare that M received. I can only hope that the photos we do take are better quality and capture the love and excitement of having her in our family (or just her adorable chubby cheeks and smile).



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Overwhelmed. This is the only word I can think of to describe how I’ve been feeling lately. My schedule has been all over the place; between the baby, vacation, and foot surgery, I feel like I’ve done nothing but run around or sit around. I can’t catch my breath or keep up with anything. My projects at work keep piling up, my house is a disaster (especially since I’m still in a surgical shoe and not able to do much activity), and I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

And then two days ago my aunt Sue passed away unexpectedly. She went grocery shopping and never made it home. An off-duty paramedic found her slumped over in her car, unresponsive. They took her to the hospital, but it was too late.

And just like that, all the things that I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed with seemed completely insignificant and trivial. Just like that, I was reminded again how precious our days are and how quickly things can change.

Hug your loved ones a little tighter today.

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Cabin Fever

This month has been a complete whirlwind, until now. Earlier this month we left the kids at home with grandma and took a short vacation to wine country. We spent a few days enjoying beautiful vineyards, hiking in the redwoods and exploring the city. It was a crazy few days jam packed with wine, beer, food, and friends, and we loved every minute of it.

After being gone, I thought I’d be happy to be stuck at home for a few days. HA! Nope. I had foot surgery earlier this week and haven’t left the house since Wednesday. I’m going CRAZY and it’s only Friday. I can only watch so much HGTV. I’ve finished one book already (that I started yesterday) but can’t decide what to start next. I am unable to do anything around the house, so I’m just sitting here, bored out of my mind.

The most excitement I’ve had was having an allergic reaction to the painkiller yesterday. At least my mom and grandma are coming over to help with the kids and visit tomorrow, so that will help break up the day a little. I’ll hobble back to work on Monday, so I know I should enjoy the break while I can, but I am not meant to just sit around.


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IMG_5818The day we told Maya she was getting a baby sister, she literally jumped up and down screaming “a baby sister! I have a baby sister! I love her!” before running into her room to grab a blanket, stuffed animal, and a book “for my new baby.” It made my heart so happy to see this reaction (I may or may not have cried in the middle of my kitchen).

I grew up with a younger brother. While we didn’t always get along as kids, we are really close now and I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s one of my favorite people to spend time with and I love when our kids get together. I hope that Maya and Hazel grow up to be close friends and not just sisters. <3

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From Three to Four

In the span of less than 48 hours, we became a family of four. I still can’t believe it. Several people have asked what happened, so here’s the full story.

Earlier in September, we were at our adoption agency’s annual picnic. We said hello to our social worker and she mentioned that she’d be calling us soon to talk about some paperwork that needed to be updated.

Monday. About 10 days later, she called our house at 6pm. We thought it was to talk about paperwork, so we didn’t even get excited that it could be about something else. When I answered, she asked if Mark was home and to put him on the phone, too. I knew immediately this was not a call about paperwork.

She told us about a situation in which the mother (“B”) gave birth, brought the baby home, and then decided about 10 days later to make an adoption plan. This woman was interested in looking at our profile as well as a few other profiles. Our social worker explained some potential legal issues with the birth father (who was refusing to sign papers) and asked if we were interested. We talked it over and said yes.

Tuesday. The next day I could barely focus at work; I knew B was meeting with the agency to look at profiles, but I wasn’t sure what time. And just because she was viewing profiles didn’t mean she was going to choose a family that day (or at all). I was trying to be realistic without getting ahead of myself.

At 3:45 as I was packing up my desk to leave and go to a doctor’s appointment, my cell phone rang. It was our social worker and she asked if I had a few minutes to talk. I immediately ran into a conference room and she told me B met with the birth parent counselor. She provided more details about the birth father situation and then she said, “and B picked you and Mark to parent the baby. She already signed her papers. When would you like to pick up your daughter?”

And just like that we went from a family of three to a family of four.

Wednesday. We talked to the social worker and agreed to meet at the adoption agency that afternoon to meet our daughter and bring her home. We packed a diaper bag, picked up M from daycare, and headed to the city.

Meeting her was surreal. The social worker walked in and immediately brought her to Maya. She introduced her to her baby sister and let her hold her first. Then, Mark picked her up and snuggled her for a little bit. Finally (!) I was able to hold her. We spent about an hour at the agency, talking to them and taking pictures of all of them with the baby and marveling at how everything worked out and came together.

Life has been chaotic and exhausting these past few weeks, but we are loving it. Thanks for all the support and love on this journey!

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